Cover Reveal – NEW ENGLAND TLC

NETLC_FRONT-150dpiRevealing the covers of new books is one of the best things for an author, so I’m very excited to be able to do so today – here’s the cover for the next book in my Northbrooke High series, New England TLC!  What do you think?

New England TLC is the third book in the series and features Kerrie Lanyon, a English girl who has had a really traumatic time.  She’s feeling lost and depressed and just needs some tlc and a change of scene, all of which is provided by her godfather’s family, currently living in the US.  Kerrie doesn’t believe life can ever be fun or normal again, but the Mackenzie’s want to prove her wrong.  With a bit of help from an unlikely source, maybe they can?

The book will be coming out soon and in the meantime, here’s the blurb:-

What can a bad boy teach a girl schooled by nuns?

Kerrie Lanyon’s world collapses when her parents are killed in a horrific car crash. With no relatives to turn to, she gratefully accepts an offer from her godfather, Sir Anthony, to spend some time with his family in the US.

Sir Anthony’s daughter, Raven, is attending the high school in the little New England town where they live and Kerrie agrees to do the same. Having spent most of her life at an all-girls boarding school run by nuns, however, she has no idea how to interact with boys – especially gorgeous badass ones like Axel Ohlsen. Is the flutter he causes inside her embarrassment or something else?

Axel has an on-off girlfriend, but is intrigued and attracted by Kerrie’s sadness and vulnerability. He wants to make her smile again, even though he knows it’s none of his business. Can he help heal her? Or will his on-off girlfriend throw a spanner in the works? And will Kerrie let him?

Huge thanks to the lovely Berni Stevens for getting the cover spot on as always 🙂

For more information on the other books in the series, please see my website here.

Pia xx

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One Response to Cover Reveal – NEW ENGLAND TLC

  1. henrigyland says:

    It looks gorgeous! I’ll show it to my daughter – she’ll be very excited to know that the 3rd book in the series will soon be out.


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