Congratulations on your new arrival

You’ve nurtured it carefully since its conception. You’ve spent inordinate amounts of time wondering how it’s going to turn out, if it will be everything you hope. You’ve sacrificed stuff in order to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

And then, the big day comes. The stork (in the form of a delivery driver) arrives with a box of copies of your brand new book.

IMG_1541Oh the thrill! It doesn’t get old.

Open the box. Take out one copy. Carefully. Stroke the cover. Turn it over. Read the blurb, as if it were new to you. Flick through. The dedication. The tricky bit you changed at the last moment.

Take out a couple more. Because the fact that there are many of them is part of the thrill. Make a little pile like on a bookshop table (I wish!).




Gooseberry_v2.3what they don't coverFind the first book. Set the two side by side and admire the clever way the designer (marvellous Berni Stevens) gave the second cover the feel of the first, so they go together. Siblings, not twins.



And then …

First the introduction to family and friends. The cooing. The How Wonderfuls and the Aren’t You Clevers and the Well Dones. They too will pick it up, stroke the cover, turn it over, flick. And you’ll watch them, gauge their reaction. Not too pushy, mind. You don’t want anyone thinking you’re expecting them to love your book just because you wrote it. No. You want them to love it for itself. That said, you’re very happy to take their money when they want to buy it.

Your first sale. Off goes your book, out into the world to seek its fortune. Of course you’re going to support it. You can’t expect it to conquer the world by itself. But it needs to stand on its own two feet. It’s ready.

Claire Watts


You can read a sample of How do you say GOOSEBERRY in French? here.

You can buy How do you say GOOSEBERRY in French? here.

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