As you may have heard (surely you can’t have missed it?) YALC or the Young Adult Literature Convention is being held at Olympia, London this weekend, from Friday 17th July to Sunday 19th July. One of the Paisley Piranhas – I can’t now remember who, so I’m naming no names – suggested we attend. It seemed long enough away, we would have more books out by then, it would be a ball. Yes, why not, we all said.

Let’s go!

And so we did. As the day neared there was a little more trepidation. Long journeys to be made (Scotland is rather distant from London), books to be transported, bookmarks and cards to be designed. But, amazingly, we got here.

Claire and Pia did the set up on Friday morning and we were all ready to go. Pia and Claire

First impressions: noise, colour, strange costumes (LOTS!).Costume 1 Glorious dress

The contrast of echoey hall and excited people. And books, books, books. This is what it was all about. Talks by writers (Derek Landy was particularly popular today) signings (massive queue at the graphic novel stalls) and the noisy, excitable crowd that arrived for the Harry Potter party at 6.30. Enthusiastic book bloggers including Charlie of The Worm Hole and Charli of Paper Trail YA, all mixing and talking and finding out more about what we all love – books.

There is a buzz about the place that makes it hard to get your bearings, so much going on at once, so much of interest. Books, bookmarks, talks, new covers … and did I mention the costumes?

AndMore costumes there’ll be even more going on tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back there. Mmm how many books can we carry home?

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