Celebrate each milestone

There is much joy and jubilation at the Paisley Piranhas’ aquarium today. I have finished the dirty draft of my next-next book which is a cause for much celebration. It’s rough and ready and will need a lot of work before it’s fit for an audience, but the story is out of my head and committed to paper, which is a fabulous milestone to have reached.

Meme of an otter celebrating Katy's book

Especially fantastic is the fact that it’s coincided with my “slog” book (see my post bewailing the hard work it demanded of me) receiving initial feedback from its line editor suggesting it’s in pretty good shape and I should be able to make my deadline without too many problems.

The timing couldn’t be better – the decks are now clear of dirty draft writing in time for me to dedicate myself to final editing and launching of The Last Dreamseer (well, and, okay, I may try to squeeze a few NaNoWriMo words in, too).

Self-publishing has been a real rollercoaster ride of ups and downs during the past year and this present, invincible feeling that I can do anything is a welcome foil to previous downs where I’ve wondered if taking up yak herding might not provide better career satisfaction.

So I’m savouring the sensation of everything going right (as well as savouring the celebratory chocolate absolutely required at moments like this). Because that’s what will get me through next time things get sticky.

Lots and lots of chocolate!

Yeah, I may be eating ALL this to celebrate. Anyone want to make a thing of it?

There are dozens of blogs and books telling you how to write a book – if I have something to add it’s to celebrate each milestone as you reach it, because that sense of triumph is vital to keep you going when the words aren’t co-operating and your characters won’t do what they should and it’s all a big, fat, mess.

That will pass and you will come out victorious. Promise.

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