Creative differences

The Piranhas are going to YALC!!!

(Can you tell we’re a bit excited about this?!).

Last year was my first experience of YALC, and what an experience it was (check out one of last year’s blogs if you’d like to live vicariously through YALC 2015)! Loads of book-loving people, and LOADS of costumes. I felt as though I was the only person without spandex, a princess dress or a magic wand.

So this year, that’s going to change. I decided to make myself a costume. I’m a creative-type, after all. As well as creating whole new worlds in my head, I can knit a sweater and sew on a button – how hard can it be? (Famous last words of any optimist!).

Katy Haye's costume pieces

Just follow the pattern, they said. It’ll be easy, they said…

I bought a pattern, some fabric and matching cotton and knuckled down, thinking it would surely only take a weekend – one day to cut and pin, the next to sew, perhaps.

Ha ha! It turns out that just because I can be creative with words, doesn’t mean my creativity is operational in other areas. Understanding the pattern markings and instructions was perilously close to map-reading (NOT a skill I would ever claim), and pinning pattern pieces to fabric turns out to be a strangely aerobic exercise (I had the aching thighs the next day to prove it).

The start of Katy Haye's YALC 2016 costume

Cut it all out and stick it together – what could possibly go wrong?!

It’s a good job I started early, because three weekends later and it’s still not close to finishing (although formatting deadlines can take the blame for some of that). Everything takes MUCH longer than you would think possible (which I guess is similar to writing, when the first draft turns out to be the quick part of the process). I wish I could end with a picture of the completed outfit, but it’s nowhere near ready. You’ll have to wait for YALC for that (fingers crossed it WILL be ready by then!).

Maybe I should have simply bought myself a costume, but that would have felt like cheating. Strange, really, because in other areas I have no problem owning up to my lack of skill.

For example, I have no personal aptitude for anything visual. I hire out cover design because it would take me longer to create a cover than to write the entire book. And I know I still wouldn’t come up with anything anywhere near as fabulous as Jane Dixon-Smith does without (apparently) too much trouble.

So, instead of a picture of my YALC costume, here is the cover for my next book, out June 24th. Isn’t she a beauty?

The cover of Katy Haye's Rising Tides

Another wonderful creation by Jane Dixon-Smith

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