Recovery Time

I released a new book nearly two weeks ago now. With everything the launch entailed (blogging, Facebooking, organising promos) and then the anxiety of checking my reports and seeing how Rising Tides was faring in the enormous marketplace that is Amazon, stress levels pretty much skyrocketed for a while. (Condition: heliotrope – spot prize to the first person to get that reference; leave your answer in the comments).

That's heliotrope. Pretty close to a "purple alert" I reckon (that's another clue).

That’s heliotrope. Pretty close to a “purple alert” I reckon (that’s another clue). Thanks to for the picture.

Now the launch is over (it went okay, thanks for asking; selling, being read – loving my KU stats right now – and getting reviews) and I’m moving into maintenance mode, the stress is ebbing, and with it my energy levels. I feel as though I’d like to sleep for a week.

Instead, I’ve got a hectic weekend lined up at the annual RNA conference (Romantic Novelists’ Association) and I CAN’T WAIT.

I’ll get to see friends I haven’t seen since last conference, make new friends and TALK about BOOKS and WRITING from dawn till dusk with people who are in no danger of glazing over.

It’s also the chance for three of the Paisley Piranhas to get together in real life, which only happens now and then as we live at different corners of the country.

They say a change is as good as a rest. Well, a huge proportion of my life is spent either at my desk or away in another world entirely. I’m not in the least out-going and love spending time on my own. But this hectic, sociable weekend with fellow writers is the highlight of my year. This is my chance to unwind with friends and recharge my batteries, ready for everything the crazy world of self-publishing throws at me afterwards.

There’s something very special about spending time with people who “get” what you get. I’ll be too busy to write for 3 days, which is pretty unheard of for me, and all I can say is:

BRING ON #RNAConf16!!!

Download a preview of Katy Haye’s new release Rising Tides – romance, adventure and deceit in a drowned future world.

If you don’t have an answer for the Condition: Heliotrope question, try the giveaway on her website – you can win a Book Lover’s Survival Kit.

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