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41 excuses for not writing v. 3 reasons to write

Excuses for not writing It’s too late to start now. I’m too tired. It’s too early. I can’t think straight. I haven’t got my creative head on just now. I need to cook the dinner. I need to shop. I … Continue reading

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I have spent all day creating character profiles for my new book. It’s one of the things they tell you to do when you start writing, and something I’ve only ever done in the sketchiest way. I have always thought … Continue reading

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Why YA = Story Dynamite

So I was talking with a group of writers and I commented that a historical piece someone else is working on would make a really good subject for a YA novel. From right beside me, I heard one of the … Continue reading

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Hitting a Brick Wall

Do you ever feel like the whole world is against you?  You’re just bashing your head against a brick wall?  And nothing goes the way it’s supposed to?  Yeah, that. It sounds a bit emo, doesn’t it, but there are … Continue reading

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Left dangling

No one likes to be left hanging – or do they? I ask the question because I’m starting to doubt myself. Cliffhanger endings seem to be in vogue at the moment, but I find them incredibly frustrating: You wanted to … Continue reading

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Does Lynne Reid Banks have a point?

Little bit of a fracas last week in the world of children’s publishing as Lynne Reid Banks, author of books for children and adults, voiced her disapproval of the Guardian Children’s Book Prize being awarded to A Song for Ella … Continue reading

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Can we live without books?

Many years ago I read a dystopian novel (classed as sci-fi back then) by Ray Bradbury called Fahrenheit 451. It was about a future society where books were outlawed and there were special firemen who went around burning any they … Continue reading

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