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Step away from your manuscript!

It is impossible to get an objective view of your own writing, of course it is. Even if you came back to something you’d written after a gap of twenty years I doubt you’d be able to see it with … Continue reading

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With my Editor hat on…

After the last two blogs from my fellow Piranhas (from Katy and Pia), I thought it was time I stepped out of the closet with my editor hat on to give the view from the other side. An editor serves two … Continue reading

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41 excuses for not writing v. 3 reasons to write

Excuses for not writing It’s too late to start now. I’m too tired. It’s too early. I can’t think straight. I haven’t got my creative head on just now. I need to cook the dinner. I need to shop. I … Continue reading

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I have spent all day creating character profiles for my new book. It’s one of the things they tell you to do when you start writing, and something I’ve only ever done in the sketchiest way. I have always thought … Continue reading

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Why YA = Story Dynamite

So I was talking with a group of writers and I commented that a historical piece someone else is working on would make a really good subject for a YA novel. From right beside me, I heard one of the … Continue reading

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F**k, fudge, frick, fug, flip, fiddlesticks…

Swearing’s an issue for Young Adult writers. Put it in and your books may not be acceptable to the gatekeepers – the publishers and librarian and parents who seek to make sure our children’s minds remain unsullied by the seamier … Continue reading

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Dancing on my mind

My head is full of dancing. It’s not a thing I do much, not a thing I’ve ever done much, but in this festive season we’ve just emerged from dancing kept pas-de-bas-ing into my mind. First, there was Strictly Come … Continue reading

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