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Step away from your manuscript!

It is impossible to get an objective view of your own writing, of course it is. Even if you came back to something you’d written after a gap of twenty years I doubt you’d be able to see it with … Continue reading

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With my Editor hat on…

After the last two blogs from my fellow Piranhas (from Katy and Pia), I thought it was time I stepped out of the closet with my editor hat on to give the view from the other side. An editor serves two … Continue reading

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Is a good edit just a matter of taste?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the process and results of editing. In part this is because I’m perfecting a book ready for release later in the month, which has gone through two rounds of editing and another of proof-reading. … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a Critic

“Everyone’s a critic” is something you often hear, and it’s true in that everyone has an opinion, and rightly so.  We’re all entitled to think what we like about books, art, films and music or whatever, and with social media … Continue reading

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